Hiring a Dulles Car Service to Get My Soldier Brother and His Family to the Airport

My brother needed to catch a commercial flight back to the base where he was stationed. No military flights were available to get him back on time. He has been in service now for a decade at least. He flew home with his wife and daughter to see our mom. She was very happy to see him. He spends a lot of time in places around the world that he cannot even tell his family about. When he is in uniform, people thank him for his service all of the time. We hired a Dulles car service to take him and his family to the airport as a thank you from us. We made sure it was a nice limo.

He called from the airport saying that everyone was looking when he got out of the limo. His wife was dressed very nicely and so was his daughter. Continue reading

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Cheapest Auto Repair Centers in Rockland County

My car won’t start up, and I don’t know what is wrong with it. Basically, I turn the key, and nothing happens. Not even a little bit of something, just completely dead. I disconnected the battery, and then tested it with my ammeter and it seems to be fine. I guess it is something else, but I do not know enough about cars to say what that might be. I am looking through some advertisements for auto repair in Rockland County NY and I am trying to to figure out the best place to take my car.

The place I want to take my car to get it fixed is the repair center that is going to charge me the least for the repair work. That is hard to know in advance though, and so I guess I will just have to take a guess, when it comes to picking the cheapest repair center, and hope that I make the right chocie. Continue reading

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I Wanted My Own Horn

I had been wanting to get an air horn for some time, but I wasn’t sure where to get one at. I had searched flea markets, yard sales and even some online auction sites, but the ones I found were either too junky looking or too expensive. I never thought to look online for a retailer that sells them, so I was happy when a friend told me about trainhornsunlimited, an online web store that handles train horns and air horns. When I went to their site for the first time, I was really surprised at both the variety of products as well as the prices.

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Raising Money for the Scouts

I had an idea for a way to raise money for a local boy scout troop. The kids would sell candy to people around the neighborhood and the proceeds would go to the troop. As an incentive to sell even more candy, I created a prize for the kid who sells the most candy. They would in a limousine ride around the city for two hours. I contacted a limousine service in maryland and reserved a limousine for the winner on a specific date.

The kids went around to all of the homes they could find, asking everyone if they would like to buy some candy. Of course there were some people who didn’t want to buy candy, but a lot of people did. There were some people who didn’t want to buy candy, but still wanted to donate to the scouts anyway.

In all, the kids raised over $200,000, which was way more than I expected them to raise. They really put in a lot of hard work tho sell all of the candy. There were many kids who sold a lot of candy, but only one could win the limousine ride, and that kid raised $9,000 from sales. He was excited to find out that he won the limousine ride.

The kid who won the ride didn’t want to have the experience without his fellow scouts, so he came up with an amazing idea. He suggested that the limousine give everyone a ride. All of the scouts would take turns riding in the limousine, and by the time the two hours was over, everyone would have ridden in it. It was a nice gesture of him, and all of the kids were happy to ride in the limousine. In all, everything turned out better than I could have imagined.

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Traveling the Country and Breathing the Fresh Air

Photo courtesy of Honda Motorcycles .A few friends and I decided that we needed to cross something off of our “life goals” list this summer. Because we all had a nice chunk of time off in August, we thought that we might embark on the cross country trip that we all wished to do for years. The key to the trip though was that we would be taking motorcycles all the way over. We live on the east coast, and we would take two weeks to get out there, visiting as many major cities as we could along the way. It would prove to be a trip of epic proportions that would allow us to bond in ways we never even thought imaginable prior to taking the trip.

Being on a motorcycle really upped the ante of the whole endeavor. We wanted to travel, but we didn’t realize that what we really wanted was to fully embrace and experience the open road. There’s no way to fully do that when you’re stuck within the confines of a closed vehicle like a car or a van. But no feeling really compares to the feeling of the air blowing past your body as you traverse this lovely country. Continue reading

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Picking a New Touring Motorcycle

Bicycle Touring in the USA & CanadaI have not owned a real touring bike before. The biggest bike that I ever owned was a really old Honda 550 my uncle traded me for some help around his pig farm. I had a lot of fun on that bike, but that was a long time ago and I had no obligations at the time. In the late 90′s a teenaged boy managed to get it out of my shed and sold it for parts. It was chopped into a thousand pieces before I realized that it was gone. Only reason we know he did it is because his girlfriend broke up with him and started telling everyone about every bad thing he had ever done. I had already spent the insurance money on diapers and baby food though. It would have been a problem for me if they had found that bike.

Since then I have had a little 300 cc bike which I used only to save gas on my commute back and forth to High Point and a dirt bike that I got for free. Now I am have some money and a lot of leisure time, so my plan is to get a reasonably priced touring bike. I do not see the point in going to extremes on it. I want a good reliable bike which will give me the best value for my dollar. My backside is broader than it used to be and I may have to get a custom seat. Honestly I just can not see paying what a Honda Goldwing costs. It is obviously a terrific bike and I would love to have one, but that is not a practical choice unless someone is offering a steep discount. I do not know what would fit my needs the best though.

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