Brand New Apartments a Short Train Ride from DC

We wanted a nice apartment. However, we kept looking and every place had issues. The main issue for me was that they were all lived in before. I really wanted a new apartment at a new apartment complex. Well, we found that. You can click here to see why we were so amazed when we had a tour of the Palisades at Manasses Park, Virginia. It is all brand new! We got an apartment that did not have leftover grime from a previous tenant. If you have ever lived in an apartment, you know what I am talking about. This applies to all of them from the lowest to the highest rent. It felt really good to get a place that had not been lived in yet.

I can’t get over how nice the gym, pool and other community areas are. The pool has those loungers in a shallow section where you can be partly in the water and relaxing while the rest of the family is splashing away and swimming in the deeper section. There are pictures at the Palisades website, and you can click here to see them. This is really a nice place. we enjoy our breakfast bar every morning. The rooms are spacious, and the design team did not leave out any amenity. Also, being in northern Virginia, I can catch a train into DC with the station being a short walk from our apartment.

This is a busy area, and getting a brand new place to live is a special opportunity if you want to be close to DC but not live right there in it. If you work in the Beltway, you know whether or not if you want to live there. I prefer Virginia. Plus, we want to save on our housing budget, and I think we get a whole lot more in our living space by choosing this area rather than living right in the DC area where we work.

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