Cheapest Auto Repair Centers in Rockland County

My car won’t start up, and I don’t know what is wrong with it. Basically, I turn the key, and nothing happens. Not even a little bit of something, just completely dead. I disconnected the battery, and then tested it with my ammeter and it seems to be fine. I guess it is something else, but I do not know enough about cars to say what that might be. I am looking through some advertisements for auto repair in Rockland County NY and I am trying to to figure out the best place to take my car.

The place I want to take my car to get it fixed is the repair center that is going to charge me the least for the repair work. That is hard to know in advance though, and so I guess I will just have to take a guess, when it comes to picking the cheapest repair center, and hope that I make the right chocie. I am looking at some reviews, to try to get a better idea, but that can be misleading from time to time.

I just want to get my car fixed, because I need it to go to work every day. I am off from work for the next couple of days, thankfully, so I have a little bit of time to get it fixed. However, I do not want to delay, and I want to have it towed to an auto center today, so that it can start to be worked on. That would be for the best, and I really hope that I can get it fixed by tomorrow. I also really hope that it is not going to cost very much to get it fixed, because I am kind of on the broke side at the moment.

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