Hiring a Dulles Car Service to Get My Soldier Brother and His Family to the Airport

My brother needed to catch a commercial flight back to the base where he was stationed. No military flights were available to get him back on time. He has been in service now for a decade at least. He flew home with his wife and daughter to see our mom. She was very happy to see him. He spends a lot of time in places around the world that he cannot even tell his family about. When he is in uniform, people thank him for his service all of the time. We hired a Dulles car service to take him and his family to the airport as a thank you from us. We made sure it was a nice limo.

He called from the airport saying that everyone was looking when he got out of the limo. His wife was dressed very nicely and so was his daughter. He was wearing his standard uniform required on commercial flights. He said that some people thought he was protecting the woman and girl (his wife and daughter). Technically, I suppose he was. Others made a point to approach him and thank him for his service. I think even if it gets on some military personnel nerves to shake so many hands and be thanked that it is something the public needs to do. Without them we would be under the government of any number of enemy regimes.

My brother told me that he could get used to being driven around in a limo. He said he is used to it in the field, but a HUMVEE is not as comfortable as a nice limo or sedan from a Dulles car service. His wife said she felt like a VIP, and his daughter said people looked at them like they were royalty or movie stars. We were glad to give them the fun experience of a limo ride to the airport.

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