How My Wife Went from Medicine to Tax Prep and Now Has a Thriving Business

My wife told me she wanted to prepare tax forms for a living. I thought how that was a long way form nursing, but I have always supported her in all that she does. She worked as a nurse in a local doctor’s office, but did more office work than nursing work. She said she really enjoyed handling the paperwork, and she was very adept at tax forms. I know this from our own taxes. So, we leased an office space in a local plaza, got professional tax software and had a business. I built things for a living, so she got a cheap rate on renovating the leased space into a nice modern office space.

One thing she insisted on made perfect sense to me. She wanted 100 percent privacy for each client so that no one else could overhear any conversations. That would make clients much more comfortable. If you have ever been to a tax prep business, you probably have been in an open cubicle where anyone could overhear your answers to questions. I do not even like to give out my phone number in public when businesses ask for it. This mindset helped my wife to become a very successful tax prep business. She now has two full time employees for what is usually a seasonal business.

She does tax preparation for individuals, but it is her reputation with businesses that keeps her doors open year round. However, she does get enough business to be able to shut down for a month giving her and her employees four weeks of vacation time. We use it to get away in the fall before the next tax season hits. I was not sure how this was going to work out for her, but she liked preparing taxes for people and companies and is very good at it.

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