My Doctor Did My Surgery the Easy and Safe Way

I have been relatively lucky in life with my health compared to some people in the world. I have never sprained or broken any bones in my body. I have had all the typical bouts of flu or colds that most of us have, but that was it until recently. Recently, when I went to my doctor about some pain I was having, he scheduled me for an ultrasound and found that I have uterine fibroids. He suggested, that because of the Morcellator lawsuit that has been going on as of recently, that we go about removing them the old-fashioned way.

My doctor explained to me that a company invented a type of device that medical professionals use via laparoscopy. The nice thing about it was that it is not very invasive because they simply make some very small incisions in the patients torso, insert the medical device to remove the fibroids and the procedure is done. But the problem began when a number of women suddenly found they had cancer because the equipment the medical community was using actually spread cancerous cells throughout a woman’s body. Another problem is that the type of cancer that resulted is one that is typically not found until it reaches later stages, often, when it’s too late for a better chance of survival.

I have to say that I am very grateful that my doctor was made of aware of these problems. The troublesome tools have been recalled, and many hospitals do not allow them to be used within their facilities at all. Had my doctor not worked in a facility that stays current with what’s going on in the medical community, he could still be using the equipment and caused trouble for me and many other woman. Luckily, my doctor is very skilled in doing the surgery by hand, and I have had no troubles at all.

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