Outsourcing Cleaning for Rental Property

I have recently found a company that provides move out and move in cleaning for Singapore apartments, condos and houses. As a realtor who is often in charge of renting and leasing different types of homes, this is a service I need to take advantage of. For the most part, the transition between tenants usually takes less than one month. Part of this time is spent cleaning the property to prepare it for the next occupants. This task is usually done by either me or some of my staff at the office. But after hearing about this cleaning company I came up with the idea to outsource all of the cleanings to a professional company that can complete it in a fraction of the time it would take me and my staff.

By hiring this company it will allow me to focus my time on advertising and showing a property to potential tenants. I know my time will be better spent this way. Plus, I really don’t like cleaning that much. The first step I need to take is to call and set up an appointment with a representative so we can sit down and iron out all of the details. Hopefully, by the end of the meeting, we will be signing a contract to seal the deal. A meeting was set up for this coming Monday at noon.

In the meantime, I comprised a list of requirements for the different areas of each home to be cleaned. After looking at their website, I know these will be in line with what they offer. I was impressed with their detailed list of what is done to each area of the home. I also like the idea that they will supply all of the cleaning supplies with the exception of garbage bags, a ladder, buckets and a mop.

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