Picking a New Touring Motorcycle

Bicycle Touring in the USA & CanadaI have not owned a real touring bike before. The biggest bike that I ever owned was a really old Honda 550 my uncle traded me for some help around his pig farm. I had a lot of fun on that bike, but that was a long time ago and I had no obligations at the time. In the late 90′s a teenaged boy managed to get it out of my shed and sold it for parts. It was chopped into a thousand pieces before I realized that it was gone. Only reason we know he did it is because his girlfriend broke up with him and started telling everyone about every bad thing he had ever done. I had already spent the insurance money on diapers and baby food though. It would have been a problem for me if they had found that bike.

Since then I have had a little 300 cc bike which I used only to save gas on my commute back and forth to High Point and a dirt bike that I got for free. Now I am have some money and a lot of leisure time, so my plan is to get a reasonably priced touring bike. I do not see the point in going to extremes on it. I want a good reliable bike which will give me the best value for my dollar. My backside is broader than it used to be and I may have to get a custom seat. Honestly I just can not see paying what a Honda Goldwing costs. It is obviously a terrific bike and I would love to have one, but that is not a practical choice unless someone is offering a steep discount. I do not know what would fit my needs the best though.

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