Pruned Trees Are a Nice Birthday Gift

I thought long and hard about what I could get my mom for her birthday. I have never been the traditional type of gift giver. I don’t give perfumes, flowers, or even boxes of chocolates. I knew my mom would appreciate those, but I also knew that she would not be surprised by any of them. I like to give gifts that have meaning, which is why I ended up contacting a company that does Nassau County tree pruning. My mom has a few trees in her yard that have been growing without being maintained for a few years now.

While they still looked nice, I knew that it was not healthy for them to grow without any type of control. I have my trees pruned on a pretty regular basis, and I can see such a difference between my trees and the trees in yards that are not regularly pruned. Since my mom likes to stay outside on days that are really nice, I figured a gift of pruned trees would be well received. I wish I could have used the company that does my own tree pruning, but my mom lives too far away.

They did give me a reference for someone in that area though, and I liked what I saw when I looked up their company online. I wish I could have also had this done without her knowing about it, but I understood since I am not the property owner there. I actually liked that they were so careful about that too. When I told her what I was giving her for her birthday, she was both surprised and happy. It is almost time for the weather to be getting nicer, so this is coming at the right time. I cannot wait until she sees how much of a difference this is going to make in her yard.

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