She Just Wanted the Pain to Stop

People don’t wake up one day and announce that they are going to start taking drugs. This is something that happens mainly because of what a person is going through. If you look at a drug addict, there is a very good chance you are going to find someone broken behind the drugs. That is why I chose the drug rehab in NJ for my sister that I did. She has not had the easiest life, and I knew that had a large part to do with her attraction to drugs.

While I had never taken them myself, that did not mean I could not understand their attraction. I have seen people lose themselves in alcohol for the same reasons, so it just made sense in a weird sort of way to me. I knew that I needed to have a plan though before I talked with her, which is why I wanted to look at drug rehab centers first. I was really happy with what I saw in SOBA College Recovery, because they care more about fixing the person rather than just treating the addiction. Without fixing the person as well, the addiction is almost always going to come back.

My sister and I talked all through the night when I approached her about getting help. There were a lot of tears, but there some laughter and a touch of hope as well. My sister did not want to be in the prison she had put herself in anymore. She wanted to get help, but she just didn’t feel strong enough to conquer this on her own. That is why the rehab center she went to was so crucial in her healing. They were able to get to the core of the problems, and that is what eventually healed my sister from wanting to take drugs anymore.

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