Traveling the Country and Breathing the Fresh Air

Photo courtesy of Honda Motorcycles .A few friends and I decided that we needed to cross something off of our “life goals” list this summer. Because we all had a nice chunk of time off in August, we thought that we might embark on the cross country trip that we all wished to do for years. The key to the trip though was that we would be taking motorcycles all the way over. We live on the east coast, and we would take two weeks to get out there, visiting as many major cities as we could along the way. It would prove to be a trip of epic proportions that would allow us to bond in ways we never even thought imaginable prior to taking the trip.

Being on a motorcycle really upped the ante of the whole endeavor. We wanted to travel, but we didn’t realize that what we really wanted was to fully embrace and experience the open road. There’s no way to fully do that when you’re stuck within the confines of a closed vehicle like a car or a van. But no feeling really compares to the feeling of the air blowing past your body as you traverse this lovely country. We hit various cities such as Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, and Las Vegas. Each city had more adventure, and the fact that we were traveling light was also very refreshing. It was so nice to not worry about all of the normal wares that we burden ourselves with.

Now that I’m back, I’d go again in a heartbeat. I’ve fallen in love with riding, and I would take my bike anywhere in the world right now. My friends and I hope to make this a summer tradition. We’ll take our bikes pretty much anywhere now, and there are so many more travel opportunities out there to be had.

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