We Got DirecTV for Our RV Living

We went and got an RV. We debated back and forth taking turns playing the roles of being in favor of it and not in favor of it. That’s how we look at purchases like this from all sides. When we finally sprung for it, we also went to www.cable-tv.com/comcast/north-carolina/wilmington/ to get a DirecTV receiver installed. Sure, we wanted to travel freely with our own house on wheels, but that means we needed good satellite television service too.

The lifestyle of traveling around with your own place to stay can be quite grand. Oh, and it can cost a few grand too! Fuel is expensive. We have a home in the south, but we like to travel all over. We have been as far north in the States as you can drive, and as far south too. Next is to head west. It is really cool to have access to our favorite channels at every campground and RV park we pull into across the country. We don’t miss an episode of our favorite dramas, and we have PPV access too. It is really nice.

The receiver records up to five shows at once. We have a lot of DVR programming to choose from when we settle in for the night. Our days and many evenings are spent doing interesting touristy things as we travel. However, weather and just plain being tired has us stay in on occasion. The satellite television programming is a standby we turn to for entertainment when we are not out living an adventure. When we first looked at RVs I wondered why they were offered with big screen televisions. I did not think we would have time for satellite TV. However, you do have time even if you live an adventure every day like we do. Our shows are part of routine, and everyone needs a little routine.

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