Why We Needed Professionals to Clean the Carpets

When my daughter wanted a puppy, my husband and I went out and got her one. We had no idea that she was going to develop an allergy to them though, so we had to give the pup to relatives. While it was heartbreaking, our daughter understood. That is why we were concerned when we purchased a house and discovered that the family had three dogs who lived there as well. We still wanted the house, but I was concerned about the carpeting. I went online to find a solution, and that is how I found http://www.cleancarpetsottawa.ca.

I knew that ripping up the carpets and laying down new ones would cost more than we could afford, so I decided to just have the carpeting professionally cleaned. I couldn’t smell any evidence that there were even dogs in the house when we initially looked at it, so I knew that there was not dog urine that had soaked into the carpeting, because that would have been detected pretty quickly. I knew that we had to make sure all of the dog hair and dander got up though, which is why I wanted them professionally cleaned rather than me doing them myself with my vacuum.

What really made this company stand out from all the ones I had researched was the seven step process they take to make sure that carpets are completely free from odors and allergens. For someone like my daughter, this is the difference between breathing comfortably or being miserable. Another reason I really liked this company is because of their pricing. I needed the entire house done before we moved our furniture in, and I was expecting a large quote. It was actually extremely reasonable though, and they were able to do it pretty fast too. We have not had any problems since, and we have them professionally clean the carpets on a regular basis now.

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